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Closed events Contract Notice [Asi@Connect Connectivity Procurement 2017]


The Asi@Connect project seeks international point-to-point connectivity between the following territories and one of TEIN POPs (i.e. Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai).


Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam


The capacities will be in the range 45M to 10G and term of contract of connectivity could be for up to a maximum of 3 years. Any organization who are nationally eligible (please refer to the Attachment 1) to participate in the tender must formally express interest, with the following information, addressed to [tech@teincc.org] by 24 July 2017.


  1. Brief introduction of the candidate (less than 20 pages).
  2. Economic and financial capacity of the candidate (less than 10 pages, e.g. statement of financial position, Income statement for the recent two years).
  3. Technical and Professional capacity of the candidate (less than 10 pages, e.g. network resources such as ownership or reachability of submarine cables in the targeted country/region, Human resources of engineers, etc.)
Please refer to the attached files for full notice.




About Asi@Connect, TEIN & TEIN*CC


Asi@Connect provides dedicated high-capacity internet connectivity for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific, namely Trans-Eurasia Information Network(TEIN); it currently interconnects universities and research centres in 20 countries. It also connects to the 50 million European researchers and academics served by the GEANT network and supports collaborative programmes in areas such as Earth observation, disaster warning, climate research, food security, delivery of e-health and e-learning. Asi@Connect is jointly funded by the European Commission and Asian partners and is managed by TEIN*CC (TEIN*Cooperation Center) based in Seoul, South Korea.


파일 1. Contract Notice - Asi@Connect Connectivity Procurment 2017.pdf
파일 [Attachment 1] List of Legal persons eligible to participate in the tender.doc
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