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More stable network service in CamREN


More stable network service in CamREN


CamREN users and engineers can use more stable TEIN network service by replacing router and switches which have been donated by NSRC in USA. NSRC donated one(1) router and thirteen(13) switches to CamREN for improving connectivity quality and performance for Cambodian member institutions. Asi@Connect project supported its shipping costs from NSRC(USA) to CamREN for the equipment's safe arrival in Cambodia. This donation was initiated by the NSRC proposal and concluded with the cooperation of TEIN*CC for CamREN users. 

This ultimately helps improve network performance for the connection to the regional TEIN network for the member institutions. The donated equipment installed in ten(10) universities including CamREN and will be used for CamREN community's activities such as e-learning, library, internet user management system and network monitoring system. 

TEIN*CC appreciate NSRC’s support and donation for CamREN, and also appreciate the efforts of the CamREN committee and its team for successful coordination with all CamREN members.






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