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Closed events 1st Tech-Culture Fusion Workshop & Live Cyber Performance


  • When: 6-8 December 2017
  • Where: Hanoi, Vietnam


1st Tech-Culture Fusion Workshop & Live Cyber Performance will be held in Hanoi on 6th to 8thDecember. This event is hosted by NASATI & VinaREN. This is one of e-culture activity series based on TEIN network, and 4 countries (KR, VN, IN, PK) participated and connect 3 countries (VN, IN, PK) for the demonstration. During the workshop, e-culture experts in Asia will present their views, experiences, then there will be discussion for the further collaborations. Participants are from AU, PK, BD, MY, and KR. 




At the live demonstration, each(VN, IN, PK) country will show their own contents (mostly Music) one by one, And 3-point improvisational performance will be tried. India & Pakistan joined this demonstration as a first time in cultural exchange, which will be an initial endeavor for their cultural activities broader.











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