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[Asi@Connect] The 2nd Asi@Connect Project Meeting


The 2nd Asi@Connect project meeting will take place on the week of 27 Aug to 1 Sep, 2017 at Dalian International Conference Center, Dalian, China.
The meetings will be consisted with the 2nd Asi@Connect Governors’ Meeting, the 17th Steering Committee Meeting, Asi@Connect Project Implementation Meeting, and Partners’ Bilateral Meeting. Also the meeting participants will be invited to the Opening Social Reception on 29 Aug 2017 to be held jointly by Asi@Connect and APAN. 

When & Where

  •   Meeting period: 27(Sun) Aug – 1(Fri) Sep 2017
  •   Venue: Dalian International Finance Conference Center, Dalian, China
27 August (Sunday)
  13:30 ~ 17:00, Asi@Connect Steering Committee Meeting (Steering Committee members Only)
28 August (Monday) at Room F
  08:30 – 12:30     The 2nd Governors’ Meeting (Closed)
  13:30 – 17:00     Implementation of the Asi@Connect Project (Opened)

29 August (Tuesday) at Lecture theatre 2

  13:30 – 15:00     Discussion on TEIN*CC Bylaws updates (Closed)
  15:30 – 18:00     Bi-lateral meetings

30 August (Wednesday) ~ 1 September (Friday) at Lecture theatre 2
  Bi-lateral Meeting with Asi@Connect partners (Closed meeting)
  * It is very appreciated if you let us know your preferred date and time for the bi-lateral meetings in advance.

We look forward to seeing you in Dalian soon !
Asi@Connect events will co-located with APAN44 which supports arranging meeting venues and logistics. Travel information about visa and transportation etc. are obtainable via APAN44 website: http://www.apan44.edu.cn/dct/page/1
For more information about Asi@Connect meeting in China, please contact Ms Eunjin Hu
(Tel: +82-2-3153-7343/ email: eunjinhu@teincc.org)


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