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[Brief Result] CSIRT Asi@Connect and Mini-TRANSITS


When: 31 Aug to 1 Sep 2017
Where: Dalian International Finance Conference Center, Dalian, China  


The programme consisting of one day Mini-TRANSITS training and a CSIRT Asi@Connect meeting increased the “Listed” CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) community in Asi@Connect to support incident response to ensure that these production services interoperate with the global community for the eduroam and eduGAIN services.
With no CSIRT operating in 6 (six) Asi@Connect partners - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan Cambodia, Philippines - and an unclear picture of the CSIRTs supporting the R&E community in the remaining partnership, this event set up a signpost to create a CSIRT Asi@Connect community to mirror the practices within the GÉANT community.
The target audience was network engineers within the NREN and key education and research institutions within the Asi@Connect beneficiary territory. Engineers from five (5) identified gap countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Philippines) was targeted specifically. It was a time to increase their understaning.     

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