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National Launch Event in Philippines (7 Dec 2017)


Philippine NREN, DOST-ASTI, celebrated national Launching of Asi@Connect, the new phase of TEIN


Asi@Connect National Launch inaugurated in Manila, Philippine, on 7 December 2017. The conference was one of DOST-ASTI's unwavering efforts in forwarding the country's engagement in the international community of research and education networks (REN). In recognition of the importance of strengthening international REN collaboration, the conference seeks to promote the achievements, initiatives, and partnership benefits of the Asi@Connect Project, and increase the number of local R&D partnerships through the Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET), the only REN in the Philippines, which interconnects and catalyzes research among academic, government, and research institutions. After this conference, DOST-ASTI celebrates the 30th anniversary on 8 December. 


On behalf of TEIN community, TEIN*CC attended this conference and delivered key messages about Asi@Connect objectives and activities, and also encouraged Philippines’ researchers and academics participation in Asi@Connect project connecting with global R&E communities.









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