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[Announcement] 2nd Call for Proposals for the Asi@Connect Project


TEIN*CC opened the Asi@Connect’s 2nd call for proposal from 11 Oct 2017 to 20 Nov 2017. During the 2nd call period, total 64 proposals from 16 countries/economies were submitted.


Asi@Connect’s call for proposal is structured 5 key working packages(WPs):

  • WP2: Capacity Development of Developing Country NRENs
  • WP3: R&E Network Design & Operations and associated capacity development
  • WP4: Deployment of Specialized Network Products, Services and Applications and Associated Capacity Development
  • WP5: Promoting Asi@Connect-enabled Research and Education Collaboration for Societal Benefit
  • WP6: Helping to Bridge the Digital Divide in Developing Countries
The selected proposals will be conducted under the Asi@Connect objective to benefit TEIN communities, typically the least developing countries and to promote international collaboration using the TEIN network.


WP     Proposal Title     Organization     Country     Directly Benefiting Country *     Wider Benefits**    

Performance Data Transfer and Measurements Workshop - India     Indiana University     USA     IN     AF, BD, BT, LK NP, PK     
Performance Data Transfer and Measurements Workshop - Laos     Indiana University     USA     LA     KH, MM, TH, VN    
Workshop on wireless network and security management     Patuakhali Science and Technology University     Bangladesh     BD     AF, BT, KH, ID, IN, LA, LK, MM, MN, NP, TH, VN    
SecureAsi@ V2.0: Asi@Connect Advanced Security Training Workshop     Malaysian Research and Education Network     Malaysia     MY     AF, BD, BT, ID, IN, KH, LA, LK, MM, MN, NP, PH, PK, TH, VN    
Campus Network Design and Security Workshop     Pakistan Education and Research Network     Pakistan     PK     AF, BD, ID, LK, MY, TH, VN    
Workshop on IPv6 Deployment in R&E Networks     Bangladesh Research and Education Network     Bangladesh     BD     AF, BT, CN, ID, IN,  KH, LA, LK, MM, MN, MY, NP, PH, PK, TH, VN    

CSIRT Capacity Building in Asia     GÉANT     Netherlands     -     AF, BD, BT, ID, IN, KH, LA, LK, MM, MN, MY, NP, PK, PH, TH, VN    
Master of Cybersecurity: Distance Master Program in Cybersecurity     University of Colombo School of Computing     Sri Lanka     LK     AF, BD, CN, ID, IN, KH, LA, MM, MN, MY, NP, PH, PK, TH, VN    

Data-Centric IoT-Cloud Service Platform for Smart Communities (IoTcloudServe@TEIN)     Chulalongkorn University     Thailand     LK, TH     MY and other TEIN countries    
Distributed and Cloud-based Network Defense System for NRENs     Universiti Sains Malaysia     Malaysia     BD, ID, MY, PH     -    
Broadening Asi@Connect Knowledge on Federated Identity, Roaming and E-infrastructure (BACKFIRE)     GÉANT     Netherlands     -     AF, BD, BT, ID, IN, KH, LA, LK, MM, MN, MY, NP, PH, PK, TH, VN      

Continuous training programs for hospital engineers, coupling with doctors, to expand telemedicine across the beneficiary countries     Telemedicine Development Center of Asia, Kyushu University     Japan     ID, NP, PH     AF, BD, BT, IN, KH, LA, LK, MM, MN, MY, PK, TH, VN    
Deeper Understanding of Natural Disaster – Instrumental for Disaster Mitigation (UND)     National Central University     Taiwan     BD, ID, MM, TH     MY, PH, TW, VN    
Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility     Bangladesh Research and Education Network     Bangladesh     BD     BT, LK, NP, PH, TH    
Enhancement of Nuclear Medicine Performance using Asi@Connect in Asian Countries     Seoul National University     South Korea     BD, MN, VN     ID    
LandSage: Decision Support for Monitoring and Mitigation of Natural Disasters in Southeastern Asia via the Cyber-enabled Collaboration, Analysis, Navigation and Observation Environment     University of Hawaii at Manoa     USA     KH, LA, TH, VN     -    

Cable Operators Neutral Network Exchange for Community Transformation     University of the Philippines Diliman     Philippines     PH     -     

*Directly benefiting country is where the event will be held or the equipment will be deployed

**Wider benefits are expected to be shared with the multiple countries that are mentioned in the proposal

As a series of the Asi@Connect project call for proposal, the next call will be announced in the latter half of this year.

Further information: tech@teincc.org (TEL: +82-2-3153-7352)



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