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The TEIN network delivers excellent user experience to society by enabling research communities in 20 Asian partners. TEIN*CC works closely with users to provide the best solution for their project. The TEIN supports mobility, Cloud Computing, sensor, content delivery, future Internet and other newest technology and partners can take the bandwidth and performance in accordance with their needs.
TEIN NOC is responsible for the operation of TEIN backbone, on behalf of TEIN*CC and TEIN NRENs. TEIN NOC provides a comprehensive range of network monitoring and management services to optimise network performance. TEIN NOC is located in Hong Kong and operated by Tsinghua University, and can provide support to TEIN community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. More information on our TEIN NOC can be found at (http://noc.tein3.net/).
TEIN*CC conducts feasibility studies to extend new potential partners in Asian countries.
During the TEIN4 period, TEIN*CC plans to select Mongolia, Myanmar and Maldives as potential partners.
  • Supporting application R&E is important for seeking solutions to many of the issues currently facing the world. TEIN supports a wide range of research and educational collaborations across disciplines including medicine, climate and environmental monitoring, high energy physics and agriculture. In 2012, the Medical Tele Collaboration project was implemented with 10 TEIN partners to perform live surgeries.
  • Promoting application There is also focus on the dissemination of the TEIN activities to make the TEIN4 network and its benefits known to relevant target groups, including policy makers, users, media and other stockholders in Asia-Pacific and Europe.
Case Study
Various case-studies which include the Tele-Medicine, E-Learning, Natural Disaster Warning and Post Crisis Support, Inter-Continental Performance Crop research, etc. which utilized the TEIN network are now in progress. TEIN*CC is also constantly on the lookout for sourcing and identifying new potential case study.
To train ICT specialists for TEIN partners, TEIN*CC supports diverse human resource development programs. In 2012, TEIN*CC supported one training program for researchers, engineers, system staffs at ISPs and two application workshops for network security specialist in Thailand and Vietnam.
TEIN gives the real value and benefit to the multidisciplinary user communities, signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Conditions of Understanding (CoU) with TransPAC3, Pacific Wave, Internet2, NIA , APAN, i2CAT and DANTE respectively. TEIN*CC aims to extend international collaboration with more Asian countries and the rest of the world.