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  • 11

    At the ASEM9 Summit, leaders noted the establishment of the TEIN*CC and the successful launch of the 4th phase of the TEIN project. TEIN4 is set to receive 16 million Euro of funding from the EU and Asian partners. Using the powerful network links now in place( up to 10Gbps bandwidth ), researchers across Asia-Pacific region are participating in world-class collaborative research projects. ASEM9 -VIENTIANE 2012 " Leaders noted the establishment of Trans-Eurasia Information Network-star (TEIN*) Cooperation and the successful launch of the 4th phase of the TEIN project, recognizing the important role of the TEIN project to enhance exchanges and cooperation among research and education community in Asia and between Asia and Europe.”

  • 09

    TEIN*CC officially took over the TEIN project from DANTE.

  • 05

    TEIN4 partners attended the TEIN*CC's inaugural Opening Ceremony and the 1st Governors' Meeting in Seoul, Korea.

  • 04

    TEIN4 contract was signed between EU/EC and TEIN*CC.

  • 08

    The TEIN*Cooperation Center has been legally registered under the Korean Civil Law as a non-profit foundation cooperation.

  • 10

    The 4th Phase of the TEIN project[TEIN4] and the TEIN*Cooperation Center received endorsement from the ASEM8 Summit in Brussels. ASEM8 -BRUSSELS 2010 " Leaders recognized the important role played by the Trans-Eurasian Information Network(TEIN) Project in increasing direct Internet connectivity among research and education in Asia and between Asia and Europe. They welcomed the planned launch of its 4th phase and the establishment of a Cooperation Center hosted by the Republic of Korea.”

  • 02

    In the 4th TEIN3 Technical Committee Meeting in Sydney. Korea formally proposed to establish the ‘TEIN*Cooperation Center’ in Korea as a non-profit organization under the Supervision of ASEM.

  • 10

    In ASEM7, leaders recognized the success of TEIN in fostering research collaboration between all ASEM partners, and welcomed the launch of TEIN3(Jan.2008~Sep.2012). The partners were increased to 18 Asian countries and the bandwidth expanded up to 2.5 Gbps.

  • 01

    The 1st proposal of TEIN organization was reported in the 12th TEIN2 Technical Committee Meeting in Manila.

  • 04

    TEIN2 (Jan.2004~Dec.2008) was launched officially at ASEM6 in Helsinki. DANTE in Europe carried out the TEIN project with 10 Asian countries were connected to the westbound link GEANT in Europe.

  • 01

    The European Union(EU) announced to commit a substantial amount of contribution for the continuity of the TEIN initiative[TEIN2] until the end of 2007.

  • 12

    The 1st TEIN Network(Oct.2000~Jan.2006) was launched as the 2Mbps link between RENATER of France and KOREN of Korea.

  • 10

    At the 3rd Asia-Europe Meeting(ASEM3) in Seoul, the European Commission(EC), Singapore and Korea jointly proposed the Trans Eurasia Information Network[TEIN] Project and it was adopted as one of the new ASEM projects.