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TEIN4 is continuing ASEM's success story addressing the themes of the ASEM initiative and its overall and specific objectives are follows.

-To contribute to the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) by establishing dedicated high-capacity Internet links between Research and Education (R&E).
-To further develop dedicated high-speed Internet links between national R&E.
-To promote the broadening of MDG relevant user applications made available by the TEIN network, and increase the use of the TEIN network.
-To enhance human capacity of the TEIN4 beneficiary partners and promote international R&E collaboration between Asian and European partners.

By providing the Asia-Pacific countries with a gateway for collaborations across the regional user communities, TEIN4 will increase the ability of developing Asian countries to participate alongside the advanced Asian nations in collaborative programs, and bridge the Digital Divide that exists within the global communities of research, education, and health.

Facilitate utilization of the TEIN network
Based on the existing TEIN network, support global network and linkage works, reinforce mutual assistance with ASEM, ASEAN, and APAN to facilitate R&E development in Asia region. At the same time, collaborates with EU, North America, Japan and so on, to pursue the developments of the future Internet technologies including SDN (Software Defined Networking) and M2M(Machine to Machine) and the global testbed which could support experiment application services such as E-learning, E-Governance, etc.
Reinforce foundation of the TEIN network
Process high speed and large capacity for the network backbone, and implement feasibility survey to expand participating states in Asia. Moreover, guarantee service quality of TEIN4 line, reinforce security function, and strengthen traffic monitoring and engineering functions of Network Operating Center (NOC) for stable and effective network operation.
Global cooperation
Pursuing expansion as international research & education network by expanding the participating states in Asia and spreading users to increase utilization of the TEIN network.
Bridge the digital divide
Identify suitable trainings for TEIN4 members in the Asia region and facilitate information sharing and exchange through organizing and/or supporting IT related workshops and conferences. Moreover, reinforce the collaboration with partners from the developing countries through co-hosting training programs and providing funding support, in order to promote a balanced development of ICT(Information & Communication Technology), nurture talents in IT and solve gaps in information, etc.