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Message from the President.
Welcome to the TEIN*Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC) website!

Today, the world is faced with many challenges including bridging the digital divide between regions and/or countries and achieving co-prosperity. At the same time, there have been a lot of urgent issues to be resolved in the areas of environment, medical treatment, education, food shortage, global warming, etc., which increasingly requires shared global efforts to build a better future.

TEIN*CC was established in Korea in August 2011, as a non-for-profit organization under ASEM to manage the TEIN project. We have been playing an important role in solving critical global issues under the project with a focus on building network infrastructure and tapping into new ICT technologies.

The TEIN project started off in October 2000 and the first TEIN network was launched between RENATER of France and KOREN of Korea. Over the years, an increasing number of partners in the Asia-Pacific region have joined the TEIN project such as Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, just to name a few.

With the TEIN network serving as a sound basis for many international joint research projects on climate change, remote medical services, remote cultural performance, and agriculture as well as information technology including future Internet, the TEIN project has successfully grown into one of the most successful projects under ASEM.

We, TEIN*CC, will put our best efforts to reinforce the activities of TEIN partners and expand our global cooperation with other region's R&E networks, and thereby contribute to the co-prosperity of Eurasia.

Thank you very much.