TEIN*CC Vision & Strategy

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With the vision of ‘Co-prosperity of Eurasia through digital silk road’ in mind, we would like to establish the widest R&E (Research & Education) network in the world. Our goal is to try expanding the participating states in Asia, working on connection with other continents such as North and South America, and pursuing TEIN*CC to becoming an international organization.

Network: Establishing the widest R&E (Research &Education) network in the world, Research Cooperation: Forming a foundation for global research cooperation and contribute to devel-opment of internet, Education and training for participating states: Leaping up as a future hub of internet through fostering IT talents

- Work on expanding participating countries in Asia and connecting with other continents
- Pursue TEIN*CC to becoming an international organization
Research Cooperation
- Maintaining close cooperation relationships with APAN(Asia Pacific Advanced Network), FP7(European Union Framework Program 7) and GENI(Global Environment for Network Innovations)
Education and Training For Participating States
- IT related trainings and educational supports, supporting/organizing various academic conferences, etc.