TEIN supports interested individuals or organizations who are willing to collaborate over TEIN and its peering networks;
to host application workshops or training programmes aimed at either promoting applications on TEIN or at enhancing the
capacity of the TEIN beneficiary partners.

Furthermore, TEIN also supports individuals who would like to participate in TEIN applications workshops or training programmes to learn and improve expertise to
manage their national R&E networks and to promote international collaboration. Once they are selected or granted for TEIN support, they are required to properly
prepare necessary documentations for their costs to be covered. For detailed information, please read below carefully.

1Expenses Claim Formplease click here to download

When claiming expenses, please always download and use the latest version of the form.

2Notes on Completion of Expenses Claim Form for International participants

Per Diems

This payment is to cover the cost of all accommodation, meals, local travel and sundry expenses per night in the place of the mission/training event.
The per diem allowances will be decided by event organizer and TEIN*CC, and will be announced to participants prior to event. In the event that an additional
night stay is required due to travel arrangements, this must be agreed by TEIN*CC.

Travel Expenses

The following documents are required as evidence of travel and proof of costs:

  • Boarding Passes of your entire journey
  • Itinerary/e-ticket
  • Travel Agent Invoice and Payment Receipt for airfare
  • Visa invoice/receipt (if necessary) with scanned copy of visa page and personal information page on passport

*Hotel Booking Voucher/Invoice/Receipt

In the event that the above documents are insufficient to support the claims, TEIN*CC may request claimant to submit this.

Travel Insurance

Please ensure that you are properly insured for your trip. The travel insurance fee is reimbursable upon producing the copy of the invoice and payment receipt as
evidence of purchase and proof of costs.

The exchange rate used for conversion to EURO is based on the month that an invoice/ticket is issued, which in some case may not be the date of travel. On the expense
claim form, we have given the website for the exchange rate, so that you can look this up. In some cases, you may be charged Airport Taxes, these can be claimed.
We will require a receipt/invoice for the amount paid and this can be added to the claims form using the correct exchange rate.

Please ensure that the Bank details are completed.

Note: All claims need to be submitted to TEIN*CC for processing within 2 (two) months after the event ended. All reimbursements will be paid to the respective
organization’s bank account and in EURO only.

3 Notes for individuals or organizations who host workshops or training programmes

After the budget is fixed and the contract between the organizing body and TEIN*CC is signed, the necessary documents that need to be prepared to submit to
TEIN*CC will be informed separately according to their budget items.

For more information, please contact teincc@teincc.org.