Greetings from the President

Today, Asia and the rest of the world are facing challenges including bridging the digital divide between regions
and/or countries and achieving co-prosperity. In addition, there are many issues to be solved in front of us such
as environment, medical care, education, food shortage and global warming for a better future.

TEIN*CC was established in Korea in August 2011, as a non-for-profit organization. We have been playing an important role in
solving critical global issues under the Trans-Eurasia Information Network(TEIN) project with a focus on building network
infrastructure and tapping into new ICT technologies.



  • 02

    the 1st Asi@Connect Governors’ Meeting in New Delhi and
    Asi@Connect officially inaugurated with EU and Asi@Connect

  • 08

    The 2nd Asi@Connect Governors’ Meeting in Dalian

  • 01

    The 9th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Manila
    It was decided the TEIN4 project will be closed on
    1 December 2016.

  • 07

    ASEM 11 Summit Meeting
    EU and Asian leaders highly appreciates the
    successful progress of the TEIN project.

  • 08

    The 10th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Hong Kong
    The decision of EC and Asian Delegation was
    Asi@Connect, as the Next project

  • 12

    Asi@Connect contract was signed between EU/EC
    and TEIN*CC. TEIN4 project closed

  • 03

    The 7th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Fukuoka
    Mongolia and New Zealand joined as new members
    in the TEIN project. The members have expanded to
    23 countries

  • 08

    The 8th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

  • 01

    The 5th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Bandung

  • 08

    The 6th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Nantou

  • 10

    ASEM 10 Summit Meeting
    EU and Asian leaders reiterated their further support
    for the TEIN project’s implementation

  • 01

    The 3rd TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Hawaii

  • 08

    The 4th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Daejeon
    Afghanistan joined as a new member in the TEIN
    project. The members have expanded to 20 countries


President Hye-Joo YOON

Executive Officer Byung-Kyu KIM

Senior Administrative Manager Louis Hyunho CHOI