Who we are

TEIN*CC is a not-for-profit organization based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. We manage and operate the
regional Research and Education network, TEIN, and its related activities under the Asi@Connect project.

Where we start

ASEM8, TEIN4 in 2012

In October 2010, at the ASEM8 Summit that was held in Brussels, Belgium, Korea was granted the operation right to manage the 4th
phase of the TEIN project. TEIN*CC established on August 2011, and had the official opening ceremony on May 2012 with the 1st TEIN*CC
Governors’ meeting in Seoul with 18 Asia partners, European Commissions and Korean Government.


  • 02

    the 1st Asi@Connect Governors’ Meeting in New Delhi and
    Asi@Connect officially inaugurated with EU and Asi@Connect

  • 08

    The 2nd Asi@Connect Governors’ Meeting in Dalian

  • 01

    The 9th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Manila
    It was decided the TEIN4 project will be closed on
    1 December 2016.

  • 07

    ASEM 11 Summit Meeting
    EU and Asian leaders highly appreciates the
    successful progress of the TEIN project.

  • 08

    The 10th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Hong Kong
    The decision of EC and Asian Delegation was
    Asi@Connect, as the Next project

  • 12

    Asi@Connect contract was signed between EU/EC
    and TEIN*CC. TEIN4 project closed

  • 03

    The 7th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Fukuoka
    Mongolia and New Zealand joined as new members
    in the TEIN project. The members have expanded to
    23 countries

  • 08

    The 8th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

  • 01

    The 5th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Bandung

  • 08

    The 6th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Nantou

  • 10

    ASEM 10 Summit Meeting
    EU and Asian leaders reiterated their further support
    for the TEIN project’s implementation

  • 01

    The 3rd TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Hawaii

  • 08

    The 4th TEIN*CC Governors’ Meeting in Daejeon
    Afghanistan joined as a new member in the TEIN
    project. The members have expanded to 20 countries


President Yong Hwan CHUNGchyh@teincc.org

Executive Officer Louis Hyunho CHOI hhchoi@teincc.org

Head of Team Eunjin HU eunjinhu@teincc.org

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