• Benefits for researchers
    High-capacity, congestion-free international bandwidth for academic and scientific collaborations accessed
    via national NREN partners
    Direct connection to the European research and education community with access to over 50 million users
    No TEIN usage charges.
  • Benefits for NREN partners
    EC funding support for beneficiary countries
    Connectivity provided and managed by TEIN at best rates
    Human capacity building of NREN engineers
    Expertise transfer of GÉANT and European NREN partners
  • Benefits for the region
    Promoting applications with high societal impact, such as telemedicine, e-learning, e-science, and e-culture
    Driving research to tackle global challenges, such as climate change, sustainable farming, and infectious diseases
    Bridging the digital divide and resolving brain drain
    Creating more competitive markets
    Fostering social cohesion and development
    Providing a foundation for a wider Asian-Pacific Research and Education Network