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[Results] The 5th Asi@Connect Meeting in Daejeon, Korea (18-22 Feb 2019)

The Asi@Connect partners gathered together in Daejeon, Korea, for the 5th Asi@Connect meeting during 18-22 February 2019. The 5th Asi@Connect Governor’s Meeting (19 February 2019) opened with we...

The 5th Asi@Connect Meeting in Daejeon, Korea

The 5th Asi@Connect Meeting will take place in Daejeon, S.Korea from 18  to 21 February 2019. The meetings will be consisted with the 5th Asi@Connect Governors and Project Meeting, the 37th Steeri...

The 3rd Call for Proposal results

TEIN*CC opened the Asi@Connect’s 3rd Call for Proposals(CFP) from 7 Sep. 2018 to 31 Oct 2018.  During the 3rd CFP submission period, 55 eligible proposals in total were received from 18 countries...

TEIN community welcomes Myanmar through connection of mmREN

TEIN community welcomes Myanmar through connection of mmREN24 December 2018The Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN), a dedicated high-capacity research and education network in the Asia-Pacific ...

First Semester of Master of Cybersecurity

First Semester of Master of Cybersecurity: Distance Master Program in Cybersecurity at University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)   The first semester initiation of Master of Cybersecuri...

Kick-off Workshop on 'Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility'

The first activity (Kick-off/preparatory workshop) of Asi@Connect WP5 Project 'Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility' was held in Office of the Higher Education Commis...

3rd Call for Proposals for the Asi@Connect Project

On behalf of the Asi@Connect project, TEIN*CC would like to release the 3rd Call for Proposals(CFP) to interested individuals or organizations who are willing to collaborate over TEIN networks an...

APNIC Academy website refreshed

APNIC’s online learning platform, the APNIC Academy, has been updated with a range of new and exciting changes, including:   - New Virtual Labs to try out your skills on different network de...

Asi@Connect Steering Committee re-elected the Chair member for next two years

We are very pleased to announce that the Chair member of the Asi@Connect Steering Committee(SC) were re-elected at the 30th Steering Co...

TEIN*CC Advisory Board Chairman, Francis Lee

We ...